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captain jacks somerville

There was never an unbroken heart in the ports well-loved by Cptn Jack. With eyes as green as emeralds and a heart as big and wild as the ocean, his charm was like the draw of the moon on the tide.

Jack had many great passions; beautiful women, the finest liquor from across the globe and of course the endless lure of the sea. It is told that each time Jack would arrive in one of his favourite ports, the villagers would be eagerly waiting to welcome him with a traditionally prepared feast of local delicacies and their very best wine.

captain jacks somerville
captain jacks restaurant in Somerville

Men, women and children would gather to hear tall tales of his journeys across the sea, tales of colourful lands and pirates and sirens, over nips of whiskey and a hearty meal. And later there would be music and dancing and laughter until the wee hours of the morning. Such was the spirit of Cptn Jack.

Jack traversed the globe revelling equally in the beauty of sunsets and the magnificence of storms, satisfying his irrepressible thirst for life. Of all the women he charmed and loved, one stole his heart like never before – a mermaid as beautiful, dangerous and alluring as the ocean itself. It is told that on one starlit night, Jack followed her to the bottom of the sea and drowned, somewhere near the shores of Jack’s beach.

Now sailors come and sailors go. They stop by for a hearty meal, a nip of fine whiskey, a feast of local goodness or one of the alluring cocktails from Jack’s well-travelled little black book. And they dream of ocean adventures, beating storms, foreign ports and beautiful sunsets, as they speak in whispers of the man they know as Cptn Jack.