It all started with a crew of enthusiastic staff and the suddenly closed doors of our newly launched restaurant in the wake of Covid 19.

But let’s step back for a moment, what a year it has been – so much unexpected challenge for our national community, from the fires that ravaged our country early on, to a pandemic that stopped us all in our tracks.

So what does a crew of passionate people do when they can’t prepare and serve meals to the community?
Well, we chose to invest our hearts and muscles and the generous government jobkeeper support into a project that would, in time, bring something new and exciting to our evolving business.

Now at No. 5 Lumeah Road, just up the road from our seaside restaurant, we are on the way to building a thriving kitchen garden. We are already pulling and pickling quantities of plump radishes that we planted in June. We have corn, zucchini, pumpkin, purple kohlrabi, beetroot, heritage tomatoes and mushrooms on the way. And our chickens are thriving in their newfound paradise.


We’re delighted with our progress, but two of the very best things that have been harvested out of the garden at No. 5, are a special kind of bond among our crew, forged by the challenges of COVID and working the land together – and a growing respect for the life process of every ingredient we serve.

Now that the restaurant is on it’s way to reopening, our team will be back working hard to deliver delicious experiences at Cptn Jack’s – but we will continue to make No. 5 a special place where the Cptn Jack’s team and future vision can continue to evolve. We look forward to preparing and plating up some of our very own produce for you all very soon!